St. Louis breeder surrenders dogs

A breeder in Howell County, Missouri has agreed to surrender 135 dogs so she could close her business.  This was the breeder’s decision and not the result of law enforcement.  “I just think it got to be too much,” says Brian Thomas a statewide investigator.  “She couldn’t find anybody to help her.” Cocker spaniels were […]

Cast-Off Cocker Spaniels

Becky Corwin-Adams was born in Defiance, Ohio. Becky is a wife, mother of two sons, and “MawMaw” to four grandchildren. She currently shares her home with seven Cocker Spaniels. As a child, Becky had one Cocker Spaniel, dozens of cats, chickens, and a variety of “pocket pets.” She started writing stories about her pets at […]