Bath & Trim

I gave Hoshi a bath and trim early this morning. I tried to make it quick but it still took almost three hours. I did the basics: head, neck, and paws.

My dog posing for picture
Clean & groomed

Lead testing in Flint, Michigan

This video appears to be a veterinary student drawing blood from the external jugular vein. Her technique is poor. She does check her landmarks to verify needle placement. The alcohol was applied but somewhat randomly. I’m not sure if the needle stick site is the same as the alcohol. She didn’t scrub the site with alcohol either. She had difficulty finding the vein too. She had to “dig” for it: It’s something frowned upon in nursing and painful to the patient.

Personally, I don’t think drawing blood from the external jugular is safe because they could puncture the carotid artery or lung especially when they’re digging around.

Hoshi’s walk

I gave Hoshi a bath and shave down last night and it took 3.5 hours. I don’t know how some of you with 2 or more cockers manage. My back was aching and Hoshi was getting irritable. I gave him a break and then touched up his feet and ears. He gets fidgety when I do his feet.

Hoshi's walk
Hoshi’s walk