Distemper outbreak across the nation

Many animal shelters across the nation are experiencing high incidence of distemper. Shelters are either shutting down or euthanizing their animals to prevent spreading the disease. The Memphis Animal Shelter, Tennessee was hardest hit. They have euthanized over 50 dogs in the past few days including many that were ready for adoption. Stephanie Chozen from an unnamed cocker rescue was able to save the only cocker left, a black and white parti or roan. A buff cocker was pictured in news video. Apparently he didn’t make it. Stephanie will keep him quarantined before fostering him.

Buff Cocker @ Memphis Shelter
Buff cocker @ Memphis shelter: WREG News

Distemper is caused by paramyxovirus, a highly contagious and often fatal disease. Distemper can be prevented though routine vaccinations. Affected shelters are giving away as many dogs as they can and the rest will most likely be euthanized. The Memphis Shelter had a 77% euthanasia rate last year.