Pit bull rips off cocker spaniel’s ear

Dudley the cocker spaniel was attacked by a roaming Staffordshire bull-terrier in the Battersea Square neighborhood of London, England. Niki Richards was walking Dudley close to home Wednesday when the attack occurred. The pit bull clamped down on Dudley’s ear and refused to let go (seen in the accompanying photo). Eventually, the pit bull’s owner […]

Burglars stab cockers in Marple Bridge home: UK

Forty-one-year-old Jane Greytorex entered her home only to find burglars stabbing her cocker spaniels apparently in attempts to silence them.  The men wore masks and carried out their attack with a screwdriver.  The cockers, Millie (11 months old) and Hardy (5 years old) managed to chase the intruders away.  Fortunately, both only sustained minor injuries. […]

Kingsbarns, England: Litter of eleven comes as huge shock

You’ll love this story if you want to see plenty of English cocker spaniel puppies. 🙂 The Courier is reporting on a litter of eleven English cocker spaniel puppies which came unexpectedly to pet owners. Both mommy and daddy are gorgeous blue roans. The pups appear to be red and whites and black and whites. […]