Cocker spaniel thrown from car

A five-month-old buff cocker spaniel is recovering at Second Chance Animal Hospital in Arizona with a broken leg and many broken teeth. An Arizona Humane Society (AHS) employee brought Payton, the cocker spaniel, in for treatment after a bystander reported seeing the dog being thrown from a car on Interstate 17 on or about August […]

Cocker thrown from car: Woman charged

I have been covering this story since March 19th.  Fifty-six year old Maximina Shelton has been charged with animal cruelty in the case of the cocker thrown from a moving car.  She and her husband tossed their cocker spaniel named Puddles from a 1985 green Buick LeSabre on March 18, 2011.  The vehicle had been […]

Indiana: Cocker thrown from car, UPDATE

Bambi made it through her critical period! Bambi had surgery Monday to repair a fractured pelvic bone receiving six screws and a metal plate. Her recovery will take 8 weeks and she may have permanent weakness in her left hind leg. She suffered nerve damage causing her to drag that foot. It’s likely she will […]