Gabby’s Buddy Roger

It’s been years since our neighbor Roger moved. That was Gabby’s buddy. Gabby would come running over Roger’s as soon as he came home. Roger has a real soft spot for Gabby and they got along great. I haven’t kept in touch. I sent him this picture along with Hoshi’s Christmas card letting him know […]


Gabby has been doing well since he started taking Vetmedin. I’m ordering Vetmedin through Foster & Smith as a significant discount. His cough has improved. His activity improved slightly. He sleeps a lot. He has lost weight–a good thing because he was overweight. I’ve decreased his Lasix dosage from 120mg (without my vet’s approval) to […]

Gabby Update

Gabby is doing well. His cough was worse this morning although better overall. I really haven’t noticed that much of a difference since I found out about his heart condition last month. I can’t get away with missing doses of his medication like I used to. We didn’t like giving him the Lasix because he […]