PA Cocker spaniel breeder raided twice

Barbara Dienner of Lititz, PA violated a court order forbidding her from owning more dogs. On March 27, Pennsylvania SPCA raided her home seizing 19 dogs from her farm. Dienner faces numerous charges including unsanitary confinement. Last December 16, Dienner’s farm was raided seizing 62 cocker spaniel mixes. Jerry Buckley of the PSPCA said “unfortunately […]

Puppy mill raid in Gilmer, TX

On October 29th, the SPCA raided a trailer home on County Road 4088, Gilmer, Texas. Mutilated dead puppies were found stuffed in dog food bags. One dead puppy was decapitated. The SPCA seized 37 dogs. Constable Gene Dolle suspects these dogs were being sold for dog fighting. Four puppies were found living in an urine […]

Dogs rescued from Michigan breeder

Raisin Tree Farms kennel in Fowlerville was raided Wednesday. Authorities seized over 90 dogs living in overcrowded cages stack on each other. Various breeds including whoodles, standard poodles and Soft-coated Wheaten terriers were found soaked and matted in urine and feces. Proprietor Margaret Komorny was charged with animal cruelty to 10 or more animals. 76-year-old […]

Update: Cockers spaniels rescued in Iowa

Mary Brodersen was ordered to reimburse Sac County $25,359.52 for the cost of maintaining the 87 cocker spaniels seized on January 25, 2012. The cocker spaniels were severely neglected and required veterinary care. Jane Clarke of the Cedar Valley Humane Society said their condition has “vastly” improved: “Just like people, when they start feeling better, […]

Update: Cockers rescued in Iowa story

The owner has now been identified as Mary Brodersen (Broderson?). Police executed a search warrant at her rural farm, 3975 Dean Avenue, Kiron, Iowa, yesterday morning. Ninety-two dogs were found (5 were dead) stacked upon each other in a small shed. “They were stacked three high so the excrement from the animals above would run […]