Texas cocker spaniel club member convicted

Sixty-one-year-old Betty McClendon, owner of B-Mac’s Kennels, member of Cocker Spaniel Club of South Texas, Secretary of Cocker Spaniel Club of Austin and Secretary of Cocker Spaniel Club of San Antonio, was convicted of 32 counts of animal cruelty (a misdemeanor in Texas). Her sentence of one year of jail was waived because of her age and clean record. Instead she will serve 15 days in jail and two years probation. As part of her probation she cannot own any animals or participate in animal-related clubs. She must also reimburse the SPCA for veterinary treatment provided to her cocker spaniels.

On May 29, 2009, deputy Bill Jenkins responded to an animal abuse complaint at Betty McClendon’s residence in Rosenberg, Texas. Thirty-two cocker spaniels were found in a hot shed stacked in cages. All were severely neglected some with maggots. One dog did not survive the ordeal. The animals were taken into custody by the SPCA.

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