Milwaukee man stabs cocker spaniel

Milwaukee man Zachary Senner was charged with felony mistreatment of an animal in the stabbing and bludgeoning of his brother’s and sister-in-law’s cocker spaniel. His brother Elijah Senner and wife asked him to “get rid of the dog” named Brandy. At first Zachary abandoned Brandy in street but she returned to the residence on 2735 […]

Update: Burbank siblings to appear in animal cruelty trial

The 18-year-old brother and 23-year-old sister who brutally killed their aunt’s cocker spaniel will face trial March 7th. On February 4, 2012, Timo Bodtcher held down Prince while Charissa Bodtcher stabbed him approximately 10 times with a 12-inch hunting knife. Both fled the scene leaving Prince to die. Prince managed to climb up the long […]

Update: Burbank siblings plead not guilty

Charissa and Timo Bodtcher plead not guilty yesterday to animal cruelty.  Burbank police say the two stabbed their aunt’s cocker spaniel mix with a 12-inch hunting knife.  District Attorney Michael Stewart accused Timo Bodtcher of holding down Prince while Charissa Bodtcher stabbed him.  Stewart said the stabbing was so brutal that Prince’s intestines were hanging […]

Burbank family arrested in cocker spaniel stabbing

Last Saturday, Charissa Bodtcher, 23, and her brother Timo Bodtcher, 18, were arrested for fatally stabbing their aunt’s dog in Burbank, California. Lt. John Dilibert of the Burbank Police Department described the scene as “pretty horrific.” Prince, the cocker spaniel, had been stabbed “numerous” times dying from his wounds. The siblings’ mother, Maria Theresa Bodtcher, […]

Burglars stab cockers in Marple Bridge home: UK

Forty-one-year-old Jane Greytorex entered her home only to find burglars stabbing her cocker spaniels apparently in attempts to silence them.  The men wore masks and carried out their attack with a screwdriver.  The cockers, Millie (11 months old) and Hardy (5 years old) managed to chase the intruders away.  Fortunately, both only sustained minor injuries. […]