Cocker and owner wear team colors

Mylo and Diane Fontaine
Cocker and owner wear team colors. Photo Ken Kidd/Toronto Star
Diana Fontaine and her 13 year-old buff male cocker spaniel named Mylo are best buddies. They’ve been best friends for the past seven years ever since he was given to her from a breeder. They’ve become inseparable over the years. “If he loses sight of me, he panics,” says Fontaine.

Apparently, Fontaine and Mylo are also Vancouver Canucks fans. Both can be spotted in their home town of Vancouver, Canada wearing Canuck jerseys. Fontaine dresses him up with various team colored outfits but ensures it’s nothing too feminine. “I don’t put anything frou-frou on him. It’s got to be boyish,” says Fontaine. Dogs wearing team colors is a growing trend in Vancouver. Owners make outfits for their dogs or purchase them in town. Ultimately, it’s a sign of affection Vancouver has for their canine companions.