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How To Update Forum Apps


You can either update your app with your iPhone or iTunes:

Using the iPhone:

  1. Click the App Store icon
  2. In the lower right corner click Updates
  3. If there is an update for the app it will show the app and an option to update

screen shot iPhone App Store update

Your iPhone App Store icon may have a number on it indicating the number of updates available.

Using iTunes:

  1. Open iTunes (install if you haven't already)
  2. Under your Library listing in the upper left corner click "Apps"
  3. In the lower right corner click "Check for Updates"
  4. Make sure you have set up syncing for your iPhone apps then the update will be automatically applied to your phone.


  1. Click the "Market" icon in your apps menu
  2. The Android Market will list any updates available for your phone.

You can set up for automatic updates as well

  1. Click the "Market" icon in your apps menu
  2. Click the search bar and type "mcs forum"
  3. Choose the correct app and check "Allow automatic updating"