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Cocker Spaniel of the Month: January 2006

Buster Chasing Cat
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 6 months
Location Jackson, TN (US)

My 9 month old cocker spaniel Buster from near Jackson, Tn. My husband found him at 5 months old at a customers home while commercially mowing. As the previous owner 's employment kept him away from home most of the time, the pup was being kept outdoors cabled to a fence with no doghouse. Every week my husband would mow he would find Buster tangled up in the fence and bursting for him to pay attention to him. When he would go over to pet him and untangle him he would literally end up crawling on top of his head. Of course , it was a no brainer situation. We ended up buying out what the previous owner paid for him originally and now, he is the king of our castle. He is extremely playful, very intelligent, a great friend to all the children in our neighborhood and despite the photo of him chasing the cat... gets along with other animals just fine.

2nd picture
3rd picture

Buster's Movie

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