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Cocker Spaniel of the Month: March 2006

Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 11 months
Location San Antonio, TX (US)

My little American Cocker Spaniels' name is Starr. We got her last March after my boyfriend had a heart attack. She helped him get better,she is so playful and always has been. After he got better she was about 2 months old and suddenly started having seizures. We found out she had distemper, the hospital vet said to put her to sleep but there was no way, she was already a big part of our family. We took her to another vet who helped her. For months she couldn't even walk, but she always wagged her tail and was very happy. In about August she slowly started to walk and now she runs, plays, jumps and is the most playful wonderful puppy ever. She is and always will be our little angel.

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