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Rescued Cocker of the Month: May 2006

Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 10 months
Location ?

My cocker's name is Sam. He is the best thing that has happen to our family. He actually came to our house by accident, my mom has a friend at work she told my mom that her neighbor was going to throw out on the street a little puppy because she didn't want him (way irresponsible if you ask me). Sam was only 2 months at the time. My mom didn't want to take him because we had lost our pug about year ago and she didn't feel good about bringing a new dog to the house. She finally gave in and decided that she didn't want him but she would find him a home. Boy she was right she did find him a home as soon as we saw him we fell in love with him he had the cutest and saddest face in the world (that's why we named him Sam "Sad Sam"), their was no way we were going to give him up. At first he was shy scared of everything around him know he is a real Goof Ball. He was skinny and dirty we convinced our mom and she finally said we could keep him. We took him to the vet he got his shots, heart worm prevention, flea &t tick prevention we even had him spayed. Sam is now 10 months he's healthy and happy he will do anything for a doggy biscuit he loves them, he fetches, sits and even shakes your hand he loves to play and run at the park and he is also very well behaved, the smartest dog I have ever seen definitely the best dog in the world but more then that he is our best friend.

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