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Rescued Cocker of the Month: August 2006

Breed Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 3 years
Location New Jersey (US)

We adopted Shadow from an animal refuge exactly 2 weeks ago. My husband & I will celebrate our 20th anniversary in August & this is our 1st dog (although he had a dog as a pet when he was a teenager...). Our kids are ages 16, 14 & 12. My 12 year old picked her out. It was love at 1st sight! Shadow is happy to do whatever we do - when we watch tv, she joins us. When we eat, she eats (but only from her bowl - she never begs at the table!). When I work at the computer, she lies nearby & watches or sleeps. She loves being outside, whether she's walking, running, or just lying in the shade. And she loves being pet & stroked. In 2 weeks, we've taught her to sit & offer a paw on command. We're so happy to have this new addition to our family! 

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