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Gonzo Burton

Cocker Spaniel of the Month: October 2004

Gonzo Burton
Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex male
Age 1.5 years old
Location Meza, AZ

Hello, my lil' boys name is Gonzo Bean Burton and he is One and a half years old. Gonzo is the most wonderful little boy in the whole world. We originally bought him from a breeder in Tucson, AZ and we now live in Mesa, AZ. We moved into a house with a pool and Gonzo swims everyday (whether we want him to or not). Besides being an accomplished swimmer he can also do several tricks. His best, and favorite, trick is when we say "phoenix Coyotes" he howls like a coyote...All of our friend love to see his performance. I have never had or seen a dog more lovable than our Gonzo, just this morning he woke his papa up by licking his head, it was incredibly sweet...

In his picture, he is sneaking a nap on the chair..he is not really allowed on the furniture but when nobody is looking he loves to catch a few ZZZ's on his favorite chair. 

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