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Rescued Cocker of the Month: October 2006

Breed American Cocker Spaniel
Sex female
Age 8 years
Location Montgomery, AL (US)

This is my girl Shelby. Shelby came into my life 4 years ago when I was helping to transport her into rescue. When I went to the vet clinic to pick her up she came out into the waiting area the first thing she did was sit down in front of me and started pawing at me to pet her. It was love at first sight or should I say paw!!! When she came to live with me and her 2 other Cocker brothers she was heart worm positive and the doctors were not sure if she would make it. But as you can see she is a fighter. She is a quiet girl who doesn't give kisses but she is like a shadow and has to be where ever I am. Her favorite thing to do is to come get in the bed with me after she has been out in the mornings. I don't know what her past was like but I do know that she is treated like the Princess that she deserves to be.

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