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Cocke Rescue of the Month: November 2004

Breed Cocker Spaniel Mix
Sex male
Age 1 year old
Location Columbia, SC
Owner Gwen Shepard

Riley is my spoiled rotten Cocker Spaniel mix. Being the huge animal lovers that we are, my husband and I adopted him about a year ago from a local shelter. He was the cutest little puppy that I just couldn't leave behind. He feel in love with our two cats the moment that he met them. Unfortunately, they did not have the same reaction. But we won't tell Riley that! Like most dogs, Riley enjoys rides in the car, trips to the local pet store, and walks around the neighborhood. He also loves to play football and basketball with my husband and watch TV. Riley is a very vocal dog and often speaks his mind. Whether it be food, play, or a walk that he wants, he never hesitates to ask for it. He has also been known to chime in on conversations. Although Riley expects nothing but the best from my husband and I he is always sweet and affectionate. Almost daily he leaves us his toys and treats buried in our pillow and even in my purse. It's as if he wants to say, "Here's a token of my affection!" Since Riley began living with us he has become a member of our family. If there was any lesson that a person could learn about parenting, owning a dog has to be the ultimate lesson!

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