9 Month old Cocker blowing coat?


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I have a 9 month old boy and an 11 month old girl cockers.

My sweet like chocolate boy, Roo, seems to be blowing his puppy coat. I am used to Akita's who really do blow their coats big time twice a year - you can end up with quite a few bags of fur when they're done! But I didn't think that cockers do that too? I thought they just shed generally throughout the year rather than one big blow out.

The fur underneath his top coat is dark brown like his face, and is not fluffy like his current coat, which is why I am thinking it might be puppy fur making way for adult hair.

My girl, blonde bombshell Evie, is not doing the same thing at all. She sheds when I brush her, but not in chunks.

Is this normal?

Thanks for any advice.

Here they are - Roo top left, Evie bottom right:

Roo n Evie.JPGRoo n Evie.JPG
Beautiful babies! I know that American Cockers can blow coats, but it's usually due to a change in hormones, or, health issues, I've never noticed it with my boy.
My cockers blow their coats twice a year. It isn’t as bad or as obvious as many breeds but usually in the fall and spring it does happen.