Cocker with disc injury must have strict rest for a month or so!


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My cocker, Lily, has a disc injury (not sure how it occurred)l The vet has her on strict crate rest (I had to order one which should arrive soon). Any sharing of experiences by people who have had to do this strict rest would be appreciated.

She doesn't seem to be in a much pain, so she wants to move around (and I am preventing that in the hopes of preventing her from needing surgery and helping her to heal). I want to find ways of keeping her from going crazy - and probably me too! I thought if I could get a stroller, I could at least get her out for fresh air and walks.

She weighs about 27-28 pounds. Has anyone got recommendations on specific brands and sizes of pet strollers?
Thank you for any ideas!


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Welcome Patricia and Lily, I hope that Lily has a complete and full recovery. Sorry I don't have any information
to share.


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Good luck to you and Lily. The pet strollers look interesting. I hope you find a nice one.


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Hi Patricia,

I do have experience with crate rest and dogs. It isn’t easy but we know it’s for their own good. I’d suggest checking out the baby department. I used a pack n play for my cocker. He wasn’t happy in his crate because he couldn’t see me well. the pack and play floor was a little off the ground we he could keep an eye on me whenever I was in the room and the mesh sides allowed him to have a good view too.

As long as the walk doesn't jar Lily’s back too much it sounds like a good idea. Here again I’d urge you to check the baby department. The dog strollers I’ve seen aren’t very sturdy, the handles are short, and they’re expensive. Now baby strollers fold down flat or have a bassinet attachment. Check out Facebook marketplace, local buy nothing groups, or Craig’s list for a used one. You’ll find a good price and a better stroller.

Good luck with Lily’s recovery.