My puppy won’t stop biting!!


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We’ve had our 9 week old cocker spaniel puppy at home for almost 2 weeks now, crate training is going well he’s only waking us up maybe twice a night to go outside for the toilet and only crying for 5-10mins when he goes back into the crate. Toilet training is going well too he hasn’t gone inside in 2 days and we’re so happy with that! But…the biting is getting out of hand, I know puppy’s are nippy as they’re teething but he is latching onto our feet and ankles and it’s hard to get him off, we’ve been yelping and saying no, placing a chew toy in his mouth but he keeps coming back to the ankles. He doesn’t seem to respond to the yelping at all. And he’s begun to growl and bark then launch at us. We’re so concerned he’ll bite a guest and break skin as his teeth are so sharp. It’s becoming a huge concern for us, we’re desperate for any advice other cocker spaniel owners may have please!


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It sounds like you're taking the right steps. It might take a while for his behavior to change. Reward him with treats too for good behavior.

Info for puppy nipping : Puppy Nipping

I thought this video was interesting. I'm not fond of his poke correction method. You could try something else:

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Welcome, I agree with Manuel, also, if you can't rectify his behavior on your own and it continues to get worse, I would get him to a dog trainer..
they teach you how to properly train the puppy.