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I'm new to this forum, and have only dealt with cats for my entire life. We just got our very first pup, and she seems to want to do a lot of biting. I am in the process of training her not to bite human things (hands, toes, noses, etc.). She's nine weeks old. Potty training is going as expected. She has several toys which I encourage her to bite and tussle with, but at this young an age I wonder if that's giving her too much mixed signal. I'm also trying to teach her to fetch the toy to me. She already goes to "Get It, Lady" just fine but that may be me that's trained, not her.


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You are doing everything right. Also keep in mind she may be teething. Sometimes a clean wash rag dampened and frozen given her to chew on might help. Your training sounds right on target. I have another friend who just got a puppy. She discovered an app that has been helping her
I also downloaded it, it's a great little app. It's called Puppr It's clicker training. My Pye is 7 years old and he's having fun with it.


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Thank you for your encouraging post. My DH (puppy's alpha) has gone to the store to get Milk Bone. I think it will help. We had her out on our deck a few minutes ago for the first time. She was shuddering to begin with but within five minutes was content. And zero biting. I've read a bit about clicker training, but I need to read a bit more. I would rather she obeyed voice commands eventually, but I'll bet if you used the command with the clicker she'd catch on quickly. I am amazed at how smart she is.