Amusing spaniel stories


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Hi, I hope this is ok, I´d just like to hear stories of mischief your Cocker Spaniels have gotten up to. Are other people´s Cockers particularly mischievious? I have 2 dogs, one a Cocker and one not (he´s a mystery mutt of some Jack Russell-Dachshund-Chihuahua) and it´s only the Cocker who ever gets into mischief.

Baxter´s transgressions usually involve food...and escapes. I've got it all under control now, but when I first adopted him I thought my back yard was escape-proof because the other dog hadn't gotten out in the 2 years I´d had him, but oh, was I wrong. In the period before I gave up and instituted a no-cocker-spaniels-loose-in-the-backyard rule, Baxter got out for extended periods (by which I mean a couple of hours) twice, and was recovered once at Wendy's (a couple blocks away) and once trying to enter the maternity ward of the hospital down the street! (It´s on the 5th floor...he had apparently come up through the parking garage). The woman who brought him back looked like she was taking a break between contractions...


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That’s pretty amazing. I can’t think of any unusual events with my cockers but thank for sharing.


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I got my first cocker, Ebony, when I was a young adult and still lived w/my parents. When I got married, my husband and I rented a house not too far from my parents. (You walked thru our backyard to a small patch of woods, then crossed a street and the RR tracks, then went 1 1/2 blocks to my parents.) I don't know how many times I let Ebony out in the yard to do her business only to have her go visit my parents.

If I walked to the local store and took her w/me, I'd leave her outside. If I took to long, she'd come looking for me. Even though she didn't belong in the store, no one minded when she came in.

My hubby brought home a kitten one day. From the time he brought her home, that was Ebony's cat. I have pictures of Ebony and Smokey curled up on my lap together. The neighbors had a Rottweiler. One day, the dog came into our yard and started to chase Smokey. Ebony chased the dog out of the yard.