Fleas again


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I bathed Hoshi and Frontlined him about two weeks ago and they are back. I noticed flea dirt on his groin and thighs the other day but there was so much of it I thought it couldnt be that. Well, the past few days he"s been scratching really bad. Plus, I woke up with flea bites yesterday. I wasn't sure what to do since I Frontlined him two weeks ago. So I decided to flea dip him. I bought some Adams shampoo and put 20 ml on him for about 5minutes. No fleas right now. He slepted like a baby. I sprayed the house too but I'm sure they are from outside


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I would seriously consider switching to a different flea preventative (one that uses different active ingredients...like K9 Advantix or Advantage).


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Man, the war against fleas is brutal! I may hate cold weather, but at least it keeps the fleas at bay.


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Our Vet stopped selling Frontline this year and the Rescue stopped using it, too. It seems as if it is no longer effective. It should be getting cold enough to freeze those little pests soon, although Blondie had them in January.