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You all probably know me as Lindaacker

Have been a member of the AOL cocker spaniel board for a million years. I've been in rescue for over 10 years, and do mostly cockers, but have been known to bring in cockapoos, bichons, poodles, pekingese's and even cats/kittens.

I added a few pics in the album section. They are the most recent ones of a few of the dogs here.

By the way, Spaniel nationals start this Friday, is anyone going? It's in PA at King of Prussia's convention center. We usually go, but might not this year, as our cocker friends are not coming in. Last year, Kelly was a speaker at the show and I smuggled Ling Ling in :p It's only about 35 or so minutes from us, depending on traffic.

Last year was brutal here, hoping this year is better for all of us.


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Thanks for sharing your pics. I think I've heard of your name from your rescue site (possibly by another name). I added many of the rescue listings in the former Zeal directory. Glad to have you with us.


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Linny is the best! We are so lucky she is here with us. She gave up on the AOL board, like I said.. AOL's loss is our gain!

One of our other friends, who is Linny's right hand Mare has a Klad cocker, he's a champion and really beautiful. I painted both of Mare's bridge kids.
Klad is Kelly that is here with us..

Now all we have to do is get Mark over here posting LOL.


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Hey Linda! I didn't realize that none of the out-of-towners were coming to Philly this year, that's disappointing. I hope you guys go . . . it won't be the same without you! I wanted to go more than anything, but I just couldn't swing it this year.

Linda does AMAZING work with rescue dogs, especially puppy mill rescues. She has a heart of gold, as does her husband Gary. You couldn't meet more caring, open, warm people :)