My 12 week old puppies are so itchy!!!

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Simone, Mar 19, 2017.

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    My 2 little babies have been scratching non stop for a few weeks now and we not sure what to do. The vet is thinking it may be a food allergy? Does anyone know if golden cocker spaniels are prone to a particular food allergy? Apparently their dad did the same thing as a puppy and they changed food untill he stopped. They are now on antibiotics to clear the skin infection that has developed from the allergy, they have been bathed in special dermatology shampoo, have used baby powder and changed food three times now (all good brands). I wish I could take their itch away as I can see how crazy it's driving both of them! They both have the same symptoms. Any advice or experience with this from other members will be highly appreciated!!!! Best regards, a worried puppy mom
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    Welcome Sinone. I'm not familiar with Africa or the types of illnesses specific to your area. Taking your pups to the vet was the best thing to do. You might ask your vet what the cause was.

    Usually fleas cause itching in my pets. Sometimes the itching was caused by a fungal infection. If I look carefully through their hair, I can see the fleas. The vet can tell me if it's a fungal infection.
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    Thank you Manuel! Yes I think we have now narrowed it down to a grass allergy, apparently very common! We are now putting them onto special skin food with egg to supplement the protein and efazol which is an omega supplement to help build up the skin barrier. Hope they grow out of this! We thought fleas but4hey have been treated with strong stuff now twice! So we have eliminated that out. Also going onto cortisone to help relieve the itch for a while!
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    A lot of cockers also have food allergies, you may have to have them tested if nothing else helps. One thing I would try is putting them on a grain free food. Some dogs have allergies to proteins also, it can be very frustrating to figure out what they are allergic to. Good Luck..

    One thing, if they are both itchy, I wonder if it could be mites? Your vet can test for mites.
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    Excellent point about the mites

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