Name your favorite grooming brands/models


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I see many new members asking for suggestions on clippers and grooming supplies so I would like to make this a sticky. I don't have any favorites myself however here is a suggested list of items. Fill in your favorite brands and models. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list.


Grooming Equipment
  • Clippers
    • Oster Golden A5
    • Wahl(Mosers) cordless (2 mentions)
    • Andis plug-in
    • Laube Speed Feed (cordless)
    • Andis 2 speeds
    • Ultra Edge
    • Osters
    • Andis AGC 2 speed
  • Clipper Lubricant
    • Kool Lube (2 mentions)
  • Clipper Blades
    • Ceramic (2 mentions)
  • Shears
    • split shank scissors
    • Millers Forge 190's thinning shears (46 teeth)
    • Heritage Stiletto 8.5"
    • Geib Gator 7.5" curved
    • 8" straights and curved
    • 42-tooth blenders
  • Brushes
    • pin brushes (2 mentions)
    • slicker brushes (2 mentions)
    • Chris Christensen
    • Chris Christensen pin brushes
    • Vellus slicker brushes
    • Plush Puppy pin brush
  • Combs
    • metal Greyhound comb
    • Greyhound 2" mixed Poodle comb (medium/coarse)
    • Medium Greyhound comb
  • Rakes
    • Oster Rake Medium (3 mentions)
  • Strippers
    • Mars Coat King
    • Magnet Stripping Knife
    • Classic Fine Stripping Knife (2 mentions)
  • Nail Clippers/Grinders
    • Pedi Paws
    • open ended clippers (plier type) (2 mentions)
    • Dremel
  • Antibleeding
    • Quikstop
  • Dryers
    • Metro Air Force (2 mentions)
    • Edemco F7001 Stand Dryer
    • Metro Air Force with 4HP motor
  • Crown Royale
  • Neem Oil (2 mentions)
  • Groomer Edge
  • Tropiclean
  • Crown Royale Grooming Spririts
  • Mane and Tail
  • Abracadabra Shampoo by Paw Brothers

  • Polar White

  • Crown Royale
  • Suave Aloe-Vera Cream Rinse
  • Pantene Daily Moisture Conditioner
  • Abracadabra Conditioner

  • Crazy Dog Baby Powder Scented Grooming Spray
  • mens AFTA (prevents clipper burn)
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Great idea Manuel!
Clippers - Oster Golden A5 I have 3 and will use them till they wear out, then I will get myself Andis because everyone seems to like them better.

Shears - I have no prefrence in brand, I use a curved set and I use a thinning set, and a straight blade set.

Brushes - I use a pin brush and a slicker brush

Combs - I have just a pet comb with a black handle, have had it for over 20 years, I think heartz made it lol.

Rake - I have Kelly's oster rake/stripper and I love it.

Nail clipper - I have the silly pedi paws, I can use it on all my dogs except Pogo, he won't let me. I have nail clippers but, I'm afraid to use them.

Dryer - I have just a people dryer, someday I will get a dog dryer

Shampoo Crown Royale
Conditioner Crown Royale leave in


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Great post! My clippers are not quite a year old and already tired from grooming 5 dogs every week. I want clippers with the longer blade capability. Mine have only two blades - short and medical shave-down shorter! Don't know what clippers they use at Petsmart but I like em! Going shopping after I read all recommendations. I do already have a pin brush, comb, rake, and scissors. Since I trim their toenails myself I have a respectable set of toenail clippers but have been wanting to try the pedi-nails thing. Just never pick it up since I'm good with the others. I only tip the nails - nothing drastic. No one's been hurt so far except me when Coco gets hold of me!

Shampoo is Neem Oil and I adore the Suave aloe-vera cream rinse on my guys. This time of year grooming spray is flea spray and thank God it doesn't smell like insecticide anymore! I do love my Crazy Dog baby powder scented grooming spray though.


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This will require some thinking on my part, cause I have several different favorites..


I'll say for now, my favorite clippers are Wahl cordless (also called Mosers), and I love my split shank scissors, I like all different sizes, from 7 1/2 down to smaller sizes. I have several curved scissors, several different thinning shears, mostly use the 22's I think.

As far as shampoo, I have a tendancy to buy the large gallon size and mix up my own brew depending on the dog. Groomers edge, some Tropiclean, some with a whitener like Polar white, etc. All depends.

I used to love my Chris Christensen? brush but it's now pretty beat up and I don't like using a slicker, since I usually stab myself and make my thumb bleed. I use a pin brush most of the time, depends on the dogs fur.

As far as plug in clippers, I'm an Andis fan, and my favorite blades are (comes with a #10), 7F, 5F, 4F and use them most of the time. Every now and then I might use an 8 or 9 depends. OH and also sometimes use the 3 3/4 blade on legs if they are MAT-FREE & clean, otherwise forget it, it won't budge thru.

I use a metal greyhound comb or the rotating teeth comb. I love my Mars Coat King as well as the fine magnet brand stripping knife.

I have a Metroforce ? shoots the water off dryer. I don't use a blow dryer with heat unless it's cold. If I do, it's a doggy one, but can't remember the name, nothing way cool like a professional one or anything.

On the table I use a noose or two, with a snap off hook in case one wants to jump. Have seen several dogs try to hang themselves on a table.

I use Crown Royale grooming sprits or cowboy magic or The Stuff after a bath... and sometimes just for a touch up.

If I use a spray cologne it's the one that's called Fresh & something.. clean smell, but mostly after I shave a face down clean, we rub on some AFTA mens after shave to help prevent any burns if we got a little too close and it's a nice smell. Nothing fancy

For nail clippers, I use the open ended ones (heavy duty, can't stand the closed ones) or a cat nail clipper for the smaller dogs. I have the pedi thing but my dogs flip out. Waste of money;)

Whew, my brain hurts now I think. I have so many different things. I have a bin full of rusty blades, like 30 of them, that got ruined in the sun room from moisture. I have this little square thing I got from Frank Rowe at a trade show that helps to remove the rust but I think they are trash now. Bummer:crybaby:

For disinfectant I use the pink stuff, as it's non-toxic and you can even keep your blades in the tub it comes in. The blue stuff is stinky and Joy tried to drink it once and it flipped me out, had to call poison control and it smells like diesel fuel, so it's the pink stuff for me.

Use cool lube on the blades every 10 minutes or so.

I have some older scissors that a groomer friend gave me, and can't for the life of me remember the name of them, but they are great. Also, I do like the ceramic blades, they seem to last longer. Have some of the Geib ones too, jury is still out on them.

Huge investment if you want to do it right, but I'll tell ya, you get what you pay for. Get the best scissors you can afford, same with the clippers. Make sure you can switch out blades, not just add on a plastic comb thingy.


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Clippers - Wahl Moser clippers or Laube Speed Feed (two extremely similar brands), both cordless with adjustable blades.

Shears - Millers Forge 190's thinning shears (46 teeth), Heritage Stiletto 8.5" shears, Geib Gator 7.5" curved shears

Brushes - Chris Christensen pin brushes, Vellus slicker brushes

Combs - Greyhound 2" mixed Poodle comb (medium/coarse)

Rakes - Oster Coat Rake (Medium)

Strippers - See above, plus Classic Fine Stripping Knife

Nail Clippers/Grinders - I use a generic brand grinder from Canadian Tire (similar to Dremel brand)

Dryers - Edemco F7001 Stand Dryer

Joyce Williamson

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WOW! this is a great thread. Thanks everyone. I have reached the point wanting to groom my guy. The charges and dealing with some of the groomer/owners is driving me crazy. I keep putting off starting this, but I think the time is now. All the info here has given me lots of great and helpful info. Since Domino is just recenly groomed I think this might be a good time for me to start grooming him. He is very good for the groomers, not sure he will be for me. A question - Does everyone have a grooming table or is there options? Thanks again. Joyce and Domino


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I've always used the Andis 2 speeds. I use the Ultra Edge now and also have a pair of Osters that work good too. (Thanks Linda ) :) Blades are either #15 for around pads, 10 for head, 9, 7F, 5F, 4F, and 3F. I like the ceramic ones because they dont get as hot and seem to last a little longer. A big can of Kool Lube helps too.

Shears... a draw full. Straight ones, and curved ones for the feet. Mostly dull Monk's. They're ok, but dont seem to last as long as I would like them too. I'll go with something better next time. I tried that scissor sharpener that Pet Edge sells, but that thing is pretty much a joke.
Need a stripper for Buddy, so ordered the Oster coat rake (medium) and cant wait to try it. I also keep bandaids handy for when I cut my hands to pieces when grooming Kyle.

Brushes are 2 pins and about 4 slickers, but some of mine hate the slickers.. just gotta be gentle with them.

I have no idea what kind of nail clippers I have, but they have an orange handle and they work. Just keep a little bottle of Quikstop close by. I bought the pedi-paws thing from Petsmart but Kyle ran away as soon as i turned it on, and Lacey hated it, and it didnt really do anything except spin on her nails. I took it back an hour later.

For baths, I like the Mane and Tail shampoo for general bathing, but keep some Neem shampoo on hand too. I use it with the weed sprayer thing I adapted for the tub to give em baths and they love it. Then they get dried with the Metro Air Force. Loud as hell, but it uses cool air and makes their coats nice and soft.


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Grooming Equipment

Clippers~Andis AGC 2 speed
Shears~8" straights and curved, 42-tooth blenders
Brushes~Plush Puppy pin brush
Combs~ Medium Greyhound comb
Rakes~Oster medium coat rake
Strippers~Classic knife strippers, coarse, medium, and fine
Nail Clippers/Grinders~Plier type nail clippers for most, others I use a dremel - don't waste you money on those pedipaws or also called petipaws- not enough power to get done quickly or do any good
Dryers~ Metro Air Force with 4HP motor
Shampoos~Abracadabra Shampoo by Paw Brothers

Conditioners/Rinses~Pantene Daily Moisture Conditioner right after shampoo and rinse out, then appy Abracadabra Conditioner diluted in spray bottle just before blow dry


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Oh, I don't know that shampoo, will have to try to find some and check it out.


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Linny you can only get it from Ryan's Pet Supply. Just google them and you'll get their link. I'm still at work sorry or I'd find it and post it. It's what my handler uses on my showdogs and their hair feels so silky and shiny.


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At our shop we use Andis clippers (my groomers get VERY unhappy if I order anything else), nail trimmers we use the plier type on most. The only other products I personally have had to use are the shampoos and conditioners. We use "Black magic" on dark coats and "White Lightening" on light coats. We use "Groomers Duo" on dogs who don't want to be in the tub for a long time. We also have 2 types of hypoallergenic shampoos as well as a "Oats n Honey" that works really well. The Oats is what I use on Charlie because he has sensitive eyes and it's tear free.


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Wahl Bravura Clippers
Geib Scissors
Laser Lites shampoo & conditioner
Crown Royal conditioner
#1 All Systems Shampoo
Edemco stand dryer

Those are my favourites.


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Picked up a new tool yesterday at Pet Supplies Plus. It's a comb with rotating teeth. Wasn't sure how it would work but thought I would give it a try and take it back if it was crappy.

Found a pic of it on ebay if you want to check it out. Made by Evolution - rotating pin shedding comb. Cost a buck less at the store yesterday and worth every penny I spent on it!!!

The cocker kids had some tangles - it worked fab AND they both loved it!!! :)


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I need to buy a grooming table for my dogs. Can anyone suggest any brands, and what is the best size for a cocker spaniel?


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As for clippers I have a wahl chromado. This is my favorite.


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Brushes: slicker, universal slicker, pin brush, greyhound . Shampoos, I use pet silk. I have been using this product for at least 15 years. My dogs coats look great with their shampoos and conditioners.