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I've got 2 cocker spaniels mother and son the pup is 1 yr old hes great when we at home but naughty when we are at work hes constantly chewing black bags and sometimes eating them they are both crate trained any help would be greatful


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I’m new to owning a cocker, but I have a very destructive husky who lives to chew everything. Plastic, metal, you name it. He destroys all toys. The two things I found that keep him entertained and not destructive is elk antlers and this toywhich is the one he’s yet to destroy. Perhaps these will help keep your pup busy instead of destroying thing too. All my dogs enjoy frozen Kong’s too. I just keep it simple. I fill it with their dog food and water and peanut butter at the very top freeze and give to them. That tends to keep them busy too.


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Also, he might have separation anxiety and that’s why he chews up thing when you’re not home. My husky does it for that reason or it could very well be boredom, but the suggestions I gave should help with both. Of course, ask yourself vet for any diagnosis and if it’d be safe for your pup, but in the case of separation anxiety my vet recommended melatonin for my husky. It helps calm them down in a more gentle way than meds.

I also put drops of lavender oil on a towel and throw it in my pups crates and that helps with calming too. Just a few drops are needed so it won’t be too strong for them. Maybe also leaving a tv on or calming music from YouTube.

Good luck let me know how it goes.