Not eating as much


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Hi, just wanting to hopefully put my mind at rest, my 10 month old cocker is not eating as much and is sleeping more, is this normal in the hotter weather?
Within himself he is still his normal self, mischievous, cheeky, playful and is currently pushing the boundaries a bit (so I sometimes have to tell him to sit a few times before he will do it but I’ve been told it’s normal for them to rebel a bit)
Sorry first dog of my own and just wanting to double check!
Thank you all x


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Sometimes I think that their appetite can change a little with the weather. If you are still troubled, then take him in to your vets for a check.


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That happens with my two also. Sometimes when it’s hot they’ll sleep more and not be quite so interested in food. Heck it happens to people also.

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Mine always have food out and available for whenever they want it.
Most of the year they eat around our human supper time.
When it is hot I hear them crunching away in the middle of the night, between 1-2am


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My Freya rarely eats all of her morning half cup of kibble. Sometimes she'll nibble at it during the day. At dinnertime, I add another half cup, or, if she did eat breakfast, a whole cup. She is healthy, and at a great weight. Poops are normal. We haven't been going for walks with this heat she just goes out in the yard and comes back in when she's done. She is also sleeping more. I think it's just the heat and less exercise causing her to burn fewer calories.