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My 8 yr old cocker has always had allergy problems. In the last year he has developed a lot of bumps , some are large, oozy and end up like horrible dandruff. We have been to the vet numerous times. At first the bumps/ knots they put off to him being older,. Once they treated with antibiotics, cleansing pads , and medicated spray. We have him on special food, he takes apoquel daily . It is cold outside now and he stays in almost all the time. The vet gave us HyLyt shampoo to use. but it is not helping. I try to bathe him once a week, more if needed- but I am afraid I will irritate his skin more.
Is there any product y’all have tried that helps ?


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I use a conditioner containing oatmeal on my pet for itchy skin. You might consider changing his diet. Let the vet know there is no improvement with the current one. I've been reading a lot lately about inflammatory causes from diet including red meat and processed meat.


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I'm so sorry you are having so much trouble with your baby. I have seen several of my cocker friends who's cocker has terrible skin issues go
to a homeopathic vet and have much better results. Most will try to discover what your baby is allergic to and consider treatments from