The Great Burr debacle

So I was terribly amused when I happened to catch the English Cocker strut his stuff in the sporting dog group of the akc National Dog Show. My delight turned to amusement when I heard the voice over announce that the purpose of the dog's long coat was long to protect it in heavy brush while hunting. I wish I had taken a picture of Fiona covered with the burrs she got into back in August. She looked like an alien!

When I thought about this particular show dog's long silky, immaculately kept coat and what it might have looked like after plunging through that same brush Fiona went through. just do that and see what you get.....made me laugh out loud.

While Fiona's coat is growing this winter, come late Spring, when it is time to resume our adventures, she is getting completely shaved....ears, belly everything.
Sometimes it's funny to listen to those announcers, they sure show how much they know about the dog breeds.
Once when I took Farley and Ki our for a walk along the rails to trails corridor here they came back completely covered in burrs. It took me a couple of hours to get all of them out of both dogs and I’m sure we were still finding a few for the rest of the week. We haven’t walked there since.
I had a plant called bur cucumber come up at the farm in an area I don't allow the horses. The burs are similar to cockle burs. Callie had several on her.