Update not cancer but blasto


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Oh my goodness, it has been a whirlwind and I finally have time to post the news. Bosco was misdiagnosed. He has blastomycosis. Still bad but a treatable fungus is much better than an untreatable cancer. It's a long story and I won't bore you all with details. It is a common misdiagnosis and we are on antifungal intraconazole for 60 days. It has been three weeks and he is responding nicely. His blasto is affecting his skin and isn't in his lungs at the present, so we have a good chance of whipping this thing. It could be a six month treatment by the time it is all said and done, but he has survived the first weeks of treatment and that is good. His skin (which really was the tip off) has sores and cysts, but is healing and getting much much better. He does have one or something in his nose and I am hopeful that that will shrink and get smaller soon. He is back to eating like a fiend and we can't take too many walks. He is smiling and being feisty with his baby brother CJ. I am still giving him CDB, mushroom cocktail, hekla lava and carsinosin along with the intraconazole and and antiobiotic since he has a couple open sores. It is a trick to get all of it given at the right times. If this happens to you, find a compounding pharmacy for the intraconazole. My pharmacy was $700.00 for two months worth and the compounding pharmacy was $80.00. Yes $80.00. We are not out of the woods, but do have some hope now. I know a woman that was starting chemo and radiation for cancer and they did another test and she too has blasto. Chemo and radiation wouldn't have helped her and the blasto would have progessed. It is unfortunate that we in the midwest can do nothing to our yards to banish this spore. Thanks for the all the good thoughts and prayers. We still need them and appreciate them. Will keep you posted.
I'm glad there is still hope and Bosco has improved. I use a compounding pharmacy too ever since there was a shortage of Hoshi's medicine. Thanks for the update and good news.
Wow such good news! It's wonderful that his illness is treatable and that there is such hope!