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I lost my beautiful golden cocker spaniel, Parker, to old age on October 3rd, 2014. Impossible to write that without tears coming, during his life hwe was very loved and cared for but I did not fully realize how much loved until I lost him. He was my shadow, my dear boy, always right beside me. He never bit, snapped or growled at me even in very stressful moments. He was a scamp too, could never train him to be good on leash, what a food gobbler too! Dragged frozen chickens off counters, tried to eat whole loaves of bread at one gulp and in one memorable moment got to so much dark chocolate he had a to spend a night in emergency, His jumping skills were truly amazing. I have since found a cocker puppy to bring into my life and while wonderful I know it will take some of ime before she is a partner of my heart. Love you and miss you so much still my golden boy, Parker.


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Welcome. What is the name of your new cocker puppy? I'm sure she will find her own special spot in your heart.
Welcome Carol Marie Your baby will make his own place in your heart just as Karen said. :heart::brokenheart:
Its wonderful to hear from other cocker spaniel people, I had one moment after Parker passed away where I was lying in bed (he used to sleep with me) and I felt him at the side of the bed wanting to get up. When he was older he couldn't make the jump himself so I had to lift him up, I found myself reaching down for him and just for an instant I could feel his so soft, velvety head. I didn't have any other visits from him but I did feel comfort from that moment, I'm not usually a person that believes that we are visited after death by loved ones but that was so clear and so real. My beautiful boy.
Her name is Sable, she is a beautiful little girl, every day she shows me more small ways she is getting to know me and me her. Thanks for the reply.
Sorry for your loss. Thanks for explaining about Sable. I was a little confused when you wrote about "golden" Parker and I saw the little black pup.