1. C

    memorial Beautiful Parker

    I lost my beautiful golden cocker spaniel, Parker, to old age on October 3rd, 2014. Impossible to write that without tears coming, during his life hwe was very loved and cared for but I did not fully realize how much loved until I lost him. He was my shadow, my dear boy, always right beside...
  2. S

    memorial Bonnie (MarVal's Eye of the Storm) 08/26/98 - 03/22/2015

    I lost my very best friend just before midnight Sunday, 22 March. My heart is broken but I feel blessed that I had the privilege to share my life with her for over 16 years. I always thought of her as a "gift" to cherish. Bonnie was a happy, funny, sweet, and intelligent (smarter than me at...
  3. Coco's Mom

    memorial I got a sign from Dad

    Double Take by Coco's Mom posted Feb 5, 2015 at 10:10 AM If you take this photo and blow it up, there is an image in my lens. After looking at it very closely, after a friend pointed it out, and my brother asking, I have to come to the conclusion, that my Dad had something to do with it. Kind of...
  4. Polly

    memorial My Baby, My Pepper

    Beautiful Pepper Nirvana Gotcha 9/22/2001 Rainbow Bridge 9/16/2014 A little troubled soul sent to us through our good friends Jac & Stu. You blossomed into a wonderful boy who I called Baby and your Dad called Grumbles. Oh my beautiful baby boy how I will miss you.
  5. karenwalksthedogs

    memorial Goodby Sweet Wells

    I know Wells (Wellington) wasn't a cocker, he was the sweetest golden with the most beautiful tail ever. He and Dylan were puppies together and they were the very best of friends. Now Dylan and Wells and chasing each other around the Rainbow Bridge, jumping over gates, and getting into all kinds...
  6. Coco's Mom

    memorial I can not believe how hard life can be.

    I received a text msg from a friend yesterday while I was at work. A friend of ours Mom had passed away suddenly. Now this lady, is the lady that hired me too work in the store I was know the one I help set up, help get the volunteers set up, and get the store making money? Well...
  7. Coco's Mom

    memorial Daisy May will be at rest

    My friend Lynette is having too say good bye to her Daisy. She was getting better, walking, eating, drinking and being happy. Last night when I was talking with her on Skype, poor Daisy starting throwing up. Speaking with her now Daisy continued to throw up all night, then started throwing up...
  8. Polly

    memorial Stormy is with the Angels

    CH. Phantoms Gonna Steal Your Thunder, CGC, TDI Stormy 3/9/2003 - 7/12/2013 ***************************************************** Our Little boy went to the bridge today. By the time we got to the Oncologist, Dr. Ayr, Stormy was gasping Dr evaluated all his records, and gave him a through...
  9. Kathy

    memorial My Sweet Girl Dixie "I will always Remember"

    I will always remember the day we picked you up at the airport and what a beautiful baby girl you was. Each time I held you and the kisses you always gave me. The long nights of crying and I thought we would never sleep again. The first night you slept all night,I woke up and had to check on...
  10. Cocker Dad

    memorial Butters

    It was two years ago today that we lost our precious Butters. We adopted him in May 2002 from McKennel's in Rumford, Maine. He was our first cocker and was very special. He loved chasing tennis balls and would not give them up for nothing. He loved going for car rides and was a friend to...
  11. Coco's Mom

    memorial Dad's Birthday

    Not sure if you remember when I was on, and talking about my Dad and his fight with cancer. I'm sure I have told you that he did pass, almost 3 years ago. 07/07/10 at 7 10pm. Well today, he would have been 81 years young. I miss him everyday, think of him, and know he is with me. Coco has...
  12. S

    memorial Lucky

    well today is a sad day we put Lucky to sleep so now he is with his sister and mom, he will be missed greatly and our poor lab has been looking for him all day I don't think she understands where he went.
  13. deborah

    memorial Nicholas Cockervich Nobarkoff

    My heart dog died today, after a long, wonderful life. Nicholas was a "mutual rescue," he helped us as much as we did him. We know very little about the first years of his life. The nine years we had together, he was a source of companionship, comfort, and comedy. We adopted him to keep me...
  14. CharlieRose&Scout

    memorial Scout at the Bridge

    It is with a sad heart that I had to take Scout to the bridge yesterday. He will forever be in my heart (my special boy) and will be missed for the rest of my days. Charlierose is still looking for him to come home and seems a bit lost without him.
  15. Pam J.

    memorial I got my sign

    I always feel down as the holidays get close. I can't believe its been 2 months since I lost Daisy. I've really been missing her, I think seeing all the buff cockers at the dog show just pulled at my heart a bit. The other morning while I was driving to work I saw a rainbow and thought to...
  16. MyShilohxo

    memorial On July 11th, I had to tell my best friend goodbye..

    This was from the day he past, July 11th 2012. He was so wonderful, I'd like to share this with all of you. Today I had to say goodbye to the greatest friend I've ever known. Since I was seven years old he always knew the best way to cheer me up, make me laugh, or just be there for company when...
  17. Jules

    memorial SAMPSON (SAMMY) ~ November 25, 1997 - September 20, 2012

    Our Sam passed away peacefully in our home on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012 ... Yesterday, we were finally able to bring him back home; and placed him in his favorite sleeping spot for his naps ~ right in front of the fireplace. We carry heavy and broken hearts ~ however, his beautiful memories fill...
  18. Pam J.

    memorial Daisy

    I don't post often and I don't share my feelings well but I lost my Daisy last week. She was 14 and I wasn't ready.
  19. CharlieRose&Scout

    memorial Duchess is waiting with a select few past dogs.

    It is with a sad heart that I have to report my parents baby girl Duchess went to the bridge last week. She was a precious cockapoo and came to us when we were hurting most. We have recently lost Mandy (Brittany/springer mix) and though I was in college at the time and home much she was able to...
  20. gertegan

    memorial Gertie

    As I've said in my intro, my sweet Gertie passed away about 2 months ago. She had never been a healthy dog to begin with, but she made it to 11 1/2 years and I decided to put her down when she was diagnosed with oral melanoma. Doc said in otherwise healthy dogs, only about 25% of them make the...