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Hello all I am new to this. I need advice. I recently got a cocker spaniel mix lab and I am new to this biting phase. I have chew toys but it seems it's not enough. Any advice on training my new puppy not to bite me or be destructive?


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There a lot of helpful sites and videos on this topic. Basically, you want to reward good behavior and ignore bad. You can use treats as a reward. Give your dog an alternative activity that's socially acceptable when he/she starts biting people, then reward that acceptable activity. Food is a great motivator.



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I agree totally with Manuel. He's just a puppy and they can be mouthy. One other think I would add is puppy school when the vet said he's ready,
that's usually after he's had his shots. Puppy school isn't so much for him, as it is for you, to teach you how to teach your dog. There are lots of sites and groups to join and even puppy training apps for your phone.