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Coco's Mom

RIP Coco May 4th 2020
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Not sure if you remember when I was on, and talking about my Dad and his fight with cancer. I'm sure I have told you that he did pass, almost 3 years ago. 07/07/10 at 7 10pm. Well today, he would have been 81 years young. I miss him everyday, think of him, and know he is with me.

Coco has been acting a little weird, and looking at a wall beside my computer desk, a lot. He just sits there and stares. Then he will look at me with a smile on his face, and tail just a waggin. Yes I believe in all that spirit thing, and believe animals have a sense of their own. I can only hope, and think its my Dad standing there talking to him. My Dad LOVED AmCS, bred, showed, judged, and owned many AmCS. When he saw Coco for the first time, he he looks just like Coffee when he was a puppy.

A short prayer sent too all those who have lost a loved one, two or four legged. :prayer:


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Happy Birthday to your dad, and I too believe in all that spirit stuff, had way too many unexplainable experiences not to.


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I am so sorry. HUGS!!!!!

My Dad passed away twelve years ago tomorrow (1-10-01).


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More hugs your way. It's tough for sure. My dad passed away 10-25-05. I miss him every day.