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RIP Coco May 4th 2020
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Daisy2.jpgMy friend Lynette is having too say good bye to her Daisy. She was getting better, walking, eating, drinking and being happy. Last night when I was talking with her on Skype, poor Daisy starting throwing up. Speaking with her now Daisy continued to throw up all night, then started throwing up blood. Her daughter finally took her to the vet. He took one look at Daisy and said...."ya she is really suffering now. It looks like she had an ulcer and it has burst. That would be the blood". They are waiting till the kids are out of school and taking them to say good bye.

Please keep Lynette, Urlanda, Carrington, Conner, Cameron, and Mandy Daisy's doggy sister in your thoughts and prayers. Daisy is 16 years old, purbred Pitbul. She's a beautiful brindle and white.

She will be missed by so many....
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I'm sorry for the loss of such a beautiful girl, condolences to her family.

Fly High Sweet Daisy
I read all your posts to Lynette, and she was in tears hearing such kind words from people she doesn't even know. I told her, just because the name of the forum is My Cocker Spaniel Forum doesn't mean, you have too own a CS to be on here. She says thank you too you all.
Daisy is such a beautiful girl and I know how hard it is to say goodbye to a family member, it is so easy to see how much she was loved and what a gifted life she had. So sorry for your lost,prayers for you and Daisy's family.
With many thanks

Lynette would like to thank you all once again for all the kinds words you all have posted on here. It was a hard time for Mandy, and would sleep with Lynette for about a week. Mandy is missing her sister but, is getting better day by day. It was a hard time with being so close to Christmas and all. Thank you once again. Now to slowly pay that bill off since Lynette is on a limited income.
I'm so sorry about your friend's girl -- it is SO hard to say good bye to them as they are family! Swift wings Daisy!