Hello again from Tasha & Gordon

Well it has been a while, Tasha 2.0 is doing very well, she has saved my life several time now, she is my service dog and I am so bonded with her it's awesome.

I'm doing daily hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, I lie in a chamber everyday for 3 hours with Tasha lying next to the chamber outside watching me, we both can see each other. The treatment is supposed to help but I'm not really sure yet.

I have diabetes and I'm working on saving my feet and legs, lots of wounds appear and need to be treated at the hospitals wound care clinic. So glad my medical insurance covers everything 100%

Not as active as I once was, I do own a travel agency with over 50 independent agents working with me, we specialize in guests with disabilities, Tasha (1) and Tasha 2.0 are our mascots and official Disney Travel Agents. Last year Disney recognized our extraordinary sales and service by giving us the designation of being "Earmarked" We're an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with over $1.5 million in sales. Not bad for a disabled senior who is "bedridden" with a service dog.

Tasha 2.0 will be 8 this year, wow time really goes by fast, she had some issues with her ACL a while back, but thanks to our vet, no surgery was needed, change of diet and some supplements and she was back to being a puppy again.

Need our nap so I will go for now, will catch up later :)


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Nice to see you back here, Gordon. Glad you and Tasha 2.0 are such a good team in both Disney Travel and through your treatments. I hope the treatments help you and I'm glad Tasha 2,0 is back to running around again.


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Nice to see you Gordon. I knew you had a busy life, but, wow! Check in when you can.


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Thanks for checking in. I sent you private message (conversation). Sorry to hear about your complications from diabetes but the say hyperbaric treatment is the best for ulcers so I'm glad you're getting it.