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RIP Coco May 4th 2020
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I received a text msg from a friend yesterday while I was at work. A friend of ours Mom had passed away suddenly. Now this lady, is the lady that hired me too work in the store I was know the one I help set up, help get the volunteers set up, and get the store making money? Well, she was at her SIL house Christmas Eve and said she wasn't feeling well, and was having troubles breathing. She told them she was going to stop in at the hospital on her way home. She suffers from COPD and emphysema so, every winter she has problems. The hospital called Christine (my friend, and her daughter) in the middle of the night ( 28th) to let her know that her Mom had gone into a cardiac arrest. Her Mom was supposed to be going home yesterday from the hospital.

Now, with all that being said, its not bad enough that this is just after Christmas but, Christine lost her sister December 1 2009, and her dad last year in the summer. She is now the only family member left. She has 2 daughters, and they will be coming to stay with her for a while. This I am very thankful for. I know Christine and I were just starting to patch things up between us, (she is the one that took over as manager at the store) so I have made it clear that, I am here for her if she needs anything. Even if its just to get away from her apartment and phone. I am the kind of person that NO matter the issues we have, if a tragedy happens, I will forget all that has gone on between us, and be there for them. After all this is what friends do, and we have been friends since Jr High.

So please say a Prayer for Christine, pray that she can find the strength in all this to get thru this MOST difficult time. :candle:
How tragic. I'm so sorry Kathleen. Prayers going up.
How very tragic. Prayers for her comfort sent her way. Please give her my deepest condolences.
Oh my goodness,how terrible...prayers for you,Christine and all family members.