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How lucky I was to find this site!! We've owned Spaniels since 1988; our first a black rescue English Cocker Spaniel we named Samantha. She was just perfect, and it was love at first sight for us. Since that fateful day, we have had the good fortune to be parents to a total of seven beautiful spaniels--two English Cockers a,d five Americans; some rescues and some registered. Regardless they have all been the center of our world; our children in our childless marriage of 27 years. Our "color palette" has been somewhat limited--black, buff, golden (2), red & white parti, red & white roan parti and buff & white roan parti. In our limited experience, we've found the parti cockers to have the best temperaments and the English Cockers to the the most intelligent and quick to learn (and usually the ones who have the most "attitude").
We lost our red & white parti, Duncan on January 21st at the age of 17. This loss nearly killed my husband & myself. He was more than just a dog. That's all I can say without crying. However, we had a "package" come into our lives three months later, and although we weren't ready, she is quite adorable.
So here are some photos of our family--past and present
Samantha--black English that came to us as a rescue. She was blind, but lived to a ripe 16 and could sniff out a ham sandwich a mile away.
Darby O-Gill (Darby)--buff American rescue that was my birthday gift from my grandmother. He died an untimely death at the age of 12, due to an unseen tumor which was lodged deep in in his stomach. Darby was the big brother to our next dog.
Duncan There Can Be Only One (Duncan, nicknamed Monkey)--our very first puppy, which we purchased from a breeder. Duncan was a red & white parti and lived to the amazing age of 17. He was diagnosed with kidney failure which he had under control, but in the end it was IVDD that crippled him. Duncan idolized Darby.
Teddy--Red American rescue that is still a member of our family. He's a bit of a grumpy old man at times, but if you are sick or hurting, Teddy is right there to make the pain go away. Teddy and Duncan were best buds.
Angus MacGuvyer--Golden English Cocker Spaniel. This was our second puppy from a breeder. Although he is "defective" in as much as he despises dogs--even his own pack, He has an extremely high drive and came into our lives guarding toys, food, kennel & water. Regardless. I love him to bits. He's smart, clever and funny. I have high hopes for him although those hopes might be too much for Angus to live up to. He adores all humans: adults and children. His breeding was too fine I think. He's a "work in progress".
Buster--Red & white roan rescue (registered) rescue. Poor Buster came to us a broken puppy from a couple who put him outdoors 24/7 at 8wks of age (in Colorado) with two full-grown Rotties. His previous owners didn't know if he was housebroken, if he was neutered, or even what kind of food he ate!! Consequently, Buster has several phobias, although they are getting better. His separation anxiety has gotten better but he is still terrified of storms, large dogs and doesn't like men (except my husband Jay)
Bonnylinn Moyra (Princess Cheesecake)--buff & white roan American puppy that is technically a rescue, although we have her paperwork to register her. She's quite a cutie! Her personality is very similar to Angus, and I foresee a Coup de gras when she gets older


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Hi Jennifer and crew, and, what a lovely crew it is. I'm Polly from So. CA and my two are Pogo 13 1/2 buff rescue, and, Pye almost 4 brown cocker who is from a hobby show breeder.