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3/9/2003 - 7/12/2013

Our Little boy went to the bridge today.
By the time we got to the Oncologist, Dr. Ayr, Stormy was gasping
Dr evaluated all his records, and gave him a through check up.
Stormy was dehydrated, he was only able to drink water on the first day of his shot, and
went thirsty the other days.

Stormy had Stage 4 B cancer, Dr saw evidence of spread in his lungs. The neck tumor was
on the lymph node. The steroid shots were already not working as well and he felt that
adding the side affects from the steroids to this swelling tumor of the throat would come
within a week or less.

We talked for a long time.

We had to do what was best for the Storm, not what was best for us.
Michael just went to bed. Stormy was everything to him, to me also.

He was a beautiful gift. One that God wanted back.

We will miss our lovely lovely boy. He was a joy.

This is my favorite picture of Stormy. It shows his love.

We are devastated. I will be away from the puter for awhile so that
I can come to terms with our very horrible loss.

Stormy our love, our Angel.

I thank the day that my very dear friend sent me such a gift. I wish that God would
have let us keep him longer, but, I guess he needed his angel back.

We will miss him every day of our lives.
Oh No Polly.....

I am so very, very sorry. It is the hardest "right thing" to do ever. My heart is so sad and tears are flowing for you both. ((((Polly & Michael)))))

Fly so high and swift dear boy on gentle angle wings, onward to the Bridge...........give Zoe' a kiss for me and tell her I love her.
Oh, Polly this is devastating news. Stormy's work on earth was now finished. He helped Ronin found her line and he healed your hearts. He was truly loved by two wonderful families. He was blessed as were all who loved him. He was a very special boy.
I am so heartbroken for all of you, Polly, Michael/Vern, Robin, Pogo, and Pepper. Stormy had such a good life, and I'm so glad that he stayed happy and comfy up to the end. He was so loved.
My friend - I can barely type as I cry for you. Please know that we are thinking of you and are so very, very sorry for your loss. As I read this thread it started storming here.

My love to you,
Oh Polly I have been checking and this is not the news I expected or wanted. I don't know what to say, nothing can comfort you right now. I am so very very sorry

Hugs and prayers to you and Michael. Stormy you were a very special boy and loved by so many, I know there are some very special cockers who were there to welcome you.
I am so sorry to read this. I was hoping you would have more time with Stormy. You gave Stormy the ultimate gift of love today, and he will always live on in your heart.

Run free and healthy at the Bridge, sweet Stormy. Please tell my little angels I said hi.
Oh Polly, I have been watching for news all day and devastated to read this. I wish I had some magical words to help you,Michael and Robin that could make things easier but there is none.

When a dog is so special that they touch the lives of everyone they meet like Stormy did, there is no way to ease the pain. All our babies are special but some are truly different and gifted,they connect to us in a way that no one can understand unless they have experienced the power of a heart dog. Even if they come only once in a lifetime we have been blessed,we were given a gift that few people will ever know. One that touches are lives,one that filled our hearts with joy and happiness,one that understood us better than most people do,sometimes even better than we know ourselves.

Stormy was a gift and a true Angel from above,one that etched your heart so deep, no other will ever fill it. In such a time of sorrow be joyous that you were so special that God gifted you with such a friend and a wonderful love that very few will ever know.

My heart breaks for all that knew and loved Stormy and can only pray that someway somehow you,Michael,Robin,Pogo and Pepper will find some peace in the days to come. As hard as it was, always remember you gave Stormy the last true gift of Love that was possible. Now your precious boy is above watching over you and waiting for the day that he will be in your arms again :luv:
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{{{{{ Polly, Michael, Robin }}}}} I am so sorry. I read this post to Terri and she send hugs and gives you all her love. He is pain free and playing with all our furkids at the bridge. I know nothing that we can say will bring comfort and ease this loss but feel the collective hug from the group. We are here for you when you want to talk.
I'm so sorry Polly for your loss. There is nothing I can say to ease your pain. Stormy was loved and spoil to the end. He had the best parents. RIP Stormy. You were very special to everyone in your family and this forum.
When I heard this news earlier I was in shock. Just heartbroken for 2 very special families.

I am so sorry to hear about Stormy. I've been reading all of your posts with your ups and downs over the past weeks and was praying that your appointment with the new doctor would be the miracle you were hoping for. I'm sorry that this was not meant to be. My heart breaks for you and Michael.

I love the picture you posted of Stormy and truly does show what a special boy he was. Your angel is watching over you and Michael now.
Polly, I am so sorry. Just heartbroken for you. I also wished I had something to say that will take this pain from you. It is so hard to say goodbye to our furry kids. Prayers said for you and your family and of course Robin. Swift wings dear Stormy, I wished I could have met you in person. Hugs to you Polly.
Polly, Michael, Robin, Pogo, and Pepper, I'm crying with you for the loss of your special boy! Polly, You and Michael did everything possible to help Stormy stay with you longer. Sometimes God needs them more than we do. Stormy was a special boy and I remember him as a young beautiful chocolate therapy dog. He had a heart of gold and so much love to give, but you and Michael gave him back even more with the ultimate, unconditional love of peace and comfort. There are so many cockers to greet him including my Molly Bee. They knew each other when they were young. It breaks all our hearts to know how wonderful he was and how much he was loved and to know he was taken way too soon. May the strong memories help to ease the pain in your heart.
Polly, I love that beautiful picture of Micheal and Stormy. We are here for you and your family.
I have double monitors on my puter because of the amount of graphics I do. I see that picture each and every day. It' so epitomizes Stormy, and Michael's love of him.
(((Polly, Michael, Robin)))

I'm so sorry for your loss. I have no magic words for you but I know the loss of beloved fur kids. (((Hugs))) I will keep you guys in my prayers. Stormy has touched many of us. <3 love you guys <3

Jessikah <3