memorial Stormy is with the Angels

Stormy Sent us our signs

On the morning of the 13th, about 430am I was outside, watching the stars, hanging laundry (I line dry). I glanced down the steps at my whisky barrel, it's a favorite pee spot for my boys. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He
looked at me with his smiling face then he was gone. I hardly believed it because the hurt was so new, and, he was
just gone. But it was his sign to me.

Michael has seen him twice. Once he appeared to him as part of one of his favorite oak trees out near our neighboring cabin, and again in front of our other neighboring cabin. Stormy loved to go "downstairs" with Michael and I guess he
felt that he needed to assure Michael at their together special spots. Michael used to say "Go to the woodpile Storm" and off they would go togehter.

He was our special boy, now he's our special angel. :luv::luv:
Polly everytime I check this thread I start to cry. I love that picture with Stormy and Michael. I'm always kissing Pumpkin, but now I kiss her more. We never now when are babies will become angels. Stormy wants you and your husband to know he will always be with you. Give hugs and kisses to Pogo.
Very touching,very heartfelt and so beautifully special Polly :luv:
What a touching story, Polly. He is telling you that he is happy and romping around with several buddies that he met.
Loss.. Also

what a touching story, polly. He is telling you that he is happy and romping around with several buddies that he met.

dear polly and hubby, hope you are doing ok. I,m greiving over my baby also. Its awful. lab, willie, is suffering too. This house is so quiet, without buddy, i cant stand it. I got another cocker spaniel. I've known him since he was a pup. Him and my lab are both jealous and got into it the other day. As pups...they use to play. Now... A few years later,...they are set in their ways. I'm hoping it works out. Its been very hard trying to make this work due to jealousy. My boo boo, as we called him..."buddy" will never be replaced. My heart dog!!!